After feeling a bit "run down" from traveling and lack of sleep due to young kids, I decided to look into getting an Immune Booster drip therapy. I googled and this was the first company which popped up. After requesting an appointment online, Abe got back to me almost immediately to confirm my appointment. Such ease!

Right on time, a lovely nurse named Blaire showed up at my house. She set everything up in a safe, sterile manner and I relaxed as the IV drip went into my veins.If you can't afford to be sick, you simply must must call drip hydration.I actually did feel much more energised the remainder of the day! Highly recommend them and I'll be making me next appointment again real soon!

I'm very sensitive and hardly felt it when Keely put the IV in. I was down with a bad cold and did IV hydration with nano glutathione, vit c and Meyers cocktail. I have said before that the difference between a good business and bad is how you handle bad things that inevitably come up. On this, Drip gets a perfect score.

Wow, wow, wow! I got myself a drip because I was sick as a dog and could barely even get off my couch. I was so impressed at how much better I felt during and after the drip. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't ready to run a marathon or anything like that, but I felt instant relief in my achy muscles and wasn't hacking or feeling like death the next day. My boyfriend, by the way, who was just as sick but didn't get an ivy was jealous at how much better I looked and felt while he was a sneezy, mucusy hot mess. Other things she included were: vitamin c, vitamin b12, b complex, and a glutathione push.

I've had drips done before, but never in my home...I'm never not doing a drip in the comfort of my own home again. I absolutely loved being able to sit in my living room with a movie on and my own comfortable blanket. Nurse Lexi made sure I was comfortable at all times and I really appreciated how diligent she was about checking in on me and on the vitamin drip. I felt like I was in the right hands at every moment. If you're on the fence about getting a drip, let this review be the one to convince you to try it out! I have told all my friends to check out Drip Hydration and recommend you do too.

I just had the Immune Boost Drip for the first time. I'm taking chemo and was suffering from a cold and was feeling so sick with very little energy! I was able to get the drip with out waiting. Hannah came and was as sweet as could be! Before hand I had a conversation with Dr. Malkin to explain my situation and he was very helpful and put me at ease right away! I would totally do this again!!!

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